Why Buying a New Home Is a Good Buy

Why Buying a New Home Is a Good Buy

September 17, 2021

Everyone likes getting a “deal,” but right now with the real estate market it may seem like getting a good value is tougher than ever.

If you’re looking at resale homes, you’re probably right. From bidding wars to expensive repairs, resale simply can’t compete with the straight-forward, simple home-buying process that HomeMakers offers. 

At HomeMakers, our New Home Specialists take the stress and pressure away so you’re left with a simple, honest home buying experience.

Our goal is to provide the most affordable homes in Lubbock with the most stylish features and colors on the market today. We offer a comfortable process that works for your busy lifestyle: easy, no-stress home buying. You’ll get an affordable, stylish home that will increase in value quickly. And you’ll be surprised at what’s possible with your budget compared to the other guys.

You may have heard the cost of lumber is currently high. You’re right about that, but here’s the great thing: while building costs may be up, interest rates are way down, so essentially it evens out to what costs were a year ago. So that means that you don’t need to wait for lumber prices to come down to get a new home from HomeMakers. The fact is, new home buying is not declining, and it’s not expected to anytime soon. Even when the resale market stabilizes, the value of new homes will not be affected. So, buying new now is still a good value, and that value only stands to increase.

HomeMakers pricing is transparent, and once you’ve decided on the home you want, you’ll sign a purchase agreement and be on your way to your new home. We’ll sit down to review the agreement and answer any questions you have. Once we have lender approval you’ll be ready for orientation and closing! It’s that easy. 

Let’s recap the pros of buying a new home with HomeMakers:

  • No competition or bidding wars
  • Lower maintenance
  • A home warranty to cover any issues
  • You get what you want right away
  • Energy efficiency
  • Value that stands to increase

At HomeMakers we pride ourselves on making the new home-buying process easy and affordable. Our homes are all predetermined, so they gain more equity than cookie-cutter homes. The interiors and features have been professionally designed, selected, and ordered in bulk to save you money. What you see is what you get. There are no upgrades or add-ons to take the price of your home out of your budget. If that’s something you’d appreciate, then we’re looking forward to hearing from you. 

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